Forge friendships, enjoy memorable moments, embrace challenges, and uphold biblical values.

Homespun has been an active participant in the Tshwane Schools Softball League since 2011.

We take pride in our commitment to playing softball with skill and fairness, leveraging the competitive nature of team sports to foster character development.

We consistently strive for excellence both on and off the sports fields, with our teams securing gold medals in various age groups within the league.

Throughout the years, numerous players from our community have earned the privilege of representing provincial and national teams, engaging in global competitions against international opponents.

Adriel barnard - (PARENT & EX PLAYER)

“Homespun brings homeschool families together! As a former homespun player, and now a mom of a player, I am so grateful for the community and the experience it gives my kids!”


“Homeschooling is amazing in so many ways, but for families that are not that outgoing, it can be a challenge. We needed a place where our boys could interact with other children in a team sport format. Homespun was mentioned and although we had no idea what softball was, we joined and were welcomed with open arms. We quickly realised that Homespun is a family orientated club, when we found ourselves coaching, scoring and helping with some part of the machine that makes Homespun the wonderful club that it is. Looking back over the last six years our boys found a sport that they really love and are excelling in. On a social level as a family we have made some precious friends. To God be the glory for I believe Homespun is His plan which was started by a family that had the same need as mine and has become what it is today.”


“I joined Homespun as a player back in 2013 for its community. – It was where all my friends were.
Although I played different sports my whole life my favourite sport by far was softball.
– It wasn’t just because of the softball itself – I truly love any sport.
It was because of the community – the friends you make and the family you experience that caused me to stay in the sport for 10 years and counting!”

Emill Steenkamp - (Ex Player & Ex Coach)

“I have no words for the time spent as a player and coach. HomeSpun is far more than just nine kids on a diamond. This is where I met my best friends. HomeSpun is family.”


“Our family joined Homespun 10 years ago – and what a journey!
We got so much more than a team sport opportunity for our 3 children – we found a wonderful faith based community of homeschoolers where everyone has a special place and where mere winning is not the main objective.
On a side note – Homespun’s softball proves to be very competitive and of a very high standard, which makes the fun and enjoyment even more.”